Make America Love Again

Democracy is inherently divisive. Voting is a choice of options which requires the delineation, real or artificial, between candidates and parties. Despite this inherent drive toward differentiation, the divisiveness is functional because we assume, despite differences, each choice shares a common passion for a more perfect union. It feels similar to parents who have different styles than we do but we assume they have a genuine love for their children and concern for their future.

For this to work of course, we must also practice some tolerance. Leaders of opposing parties or ideologies to our own may not push an agenda we would prioritize but we share a belief that the system leads us toward more representative legislation, policy and law. Checks and balances work. As long as our leaders practice within accepted social frameworks, with a concern for humanity and towards a desire to create an environment where everyone has the chance to succeed, most of us accept the variance right or left in individual positions in the short term and focus on the long game.

But when our leadership behaves in ways that are unbecoming, inappropriate, racist, misogynistic, crude and more, it is no longer an issue of different perspectives toward the same goal. It is an issue of value, morality and ethics. It is shameful and dangerous. It besmirches our standing in the world and strains our relationships with members of opposing parties, our friends and family. Society works because we all agree to play under a stated, and often unstated set of rules and guidelines.

The President is lacking on all of these fronts other than divisiveness. It is hard to prove he places country ahead of his own gain. His words and actions demonstrate an animosity at best and a hate fueled racism at worst towards those not like him. On the world stage, the president  embarrasses me as an American. On the national stage, it makes me ashamed to think his actions are endorsed by a major political party and a supposed majority of Americans.

I share this to make it clear to my friends and loved ones I am appalled by President Donald Trump, his actions in office and his attitude towards large swaths of Americans and the world. I ask congress to put aside political agendas and personal gain in favor of human decency as a message to Americans and the world where America stands morally and ethically.